Tweet me back, Rajon Rondo

So I check the weather this morning before getting dressed, and Weather is all like “50% of precipitation.”  But I looked outside, and I knew what I saw, and I called Weather’s bluff. “No fucking way is it going to rain,” said I, and I proceeded to dress head to toe in rain-inappropriate attire.  I think you can tell where this one is going.  

I am not more than a block into my walk to work when Weather starts being all like “O RLY? U THOUGHT I WOULD NOT RAIN? IMA FUCKING RAIN.”  And by the time I got to work there was rain all over my body. Thanks, Weather.

I did, however, get to listen to Carly Rae 7 times over the course of my walk and I have since had the joy of having that song in my head all day.  I just want to share this delight with someone else; it’s not fair if I’m the only person to be so happy. Hey Rajon, I have a present for you:

Image via NBA Through the Lens

Rajon Rondo: @RajonRondo

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