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Tweet Me Back, Dwight Howard

Did you guys know that today is a great day???  I had cheese-melted-on-bread for breakfast! (This is a great breakfast. Actually, a great any meal).  I ditched the first half of work to eat said breakfast with a visiting college friend! I have two happy hours to attend (one has ice cream!) and my housewarming/birthday/roommate welcome party is tonight! Oh yeah, also Dwight Howard is a Laker now!

SERIOUS BASKETBALL NOTE: I’m not even a little bit in the “everything is fixed now, let’s not even bother playing the season, Lakers win forever the end,” camp.  I still think it’s entirely possible/probable that Kobe goes 3 for 23 every game and shoots us out of a championship. That said, I’m the most pessimistic sports fan I know. 

Anyway, here’s what JaVale McGee thinks:

In case you are wondering what is going on here, JaVale McGee spent the morning retweeting himself tweeting in the third person as his alter-ego Pierre McGee. Got that?


Dwight Howard: @DwightHoward

Tweet me back, Ty Lawson. OH WAIT YOU DID!!!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! I tweeted Ty Lawson and, before I even got a chance to tumblr about tweeting Ty Lawson, he tweeted me back! HE TWEETED ME BACK!!!! :D :D :D :D

Ok. Got that out of my system. Sort of. Not really actually. One more time. 


Ok for reals I’m done now.  Here is a breakdown of what happened.  First, Ty Lawson taught me a new word, “twatcher.”

Twatcher: (noun) A person who reads Twitter often, perhaps has a Twitter account of their own and follows many people, but does not contribute anything of worth to the Twitter community.

I responded with a clever transformation of a popular phrase, using my new vocabulary.  


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Tweet me back, Danilo Gallinari

I FUCKING LOVE CHERRY TOMATOES! They are so bursty and small and tomato-y. They are one of my favorite things. I bought a salad today with cherry tomatos and it was incredible! Sometimes I only eat cherry tomatoes. If I was a food blogger, I would only blog about cherry tomatoes.  So good!

In fact, I think that cherry tomatoes are one of the best things to eat when you are hungover. Once I had to attend an all day Saturday ethics class and I was pretty fucking busted still, so I just sat in the back in sweatpants and sunglasses, slowly popping cherry tomatoes.  To this day people come up to me and say “I think I was in your ethics class. You were mad hungover. I think you love cherry tomatoes.” And I say, “YES THAT WAS ME I LOVE CHERRY TOMATOES.”

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FACT: Ty Lawson has tweeted me back.

Who should I tweet next?

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